Narrating Scottish Devolution is a research project exploring the different ways in which devolution has been explained, understood and made culturally meaningful in Scotland. Based at the University of Stirling, we are particularly interested in the idea of ‘cultural devolution’ — the notion that Scottish writers and artists paved the way for the politicians — and its influence in post-1999 governance and literary culture.

IMG_6217   IMG_6232   IMG_6206

The project is supported by the British Academy and centres on two inter-disciplinary research workshops, held in August 2014 and 2015. (Full details of the second workshop available in this PDF.) It also involves archival research and interviews with writers, commentators and activists. A podcast based on recordings of these sessions was featured on the Guardian’s Scotland blog on 26 February 2016. (This podcast is archived in Stirling’s institutional repository here.) A journal article summarising the project findings was published in early 2017.

Further details can be found in the Project Overview page; see also the listing of Participants. To contact the Principal Investigator, Dr Scott Hames, email scott.hames[at]stir.ac.uk.


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